WhatsApp will add a new “private mode” to the app

WhatsApp will add a new "private mode" to the app

WhatsApp you are going to add a new usage mode to the application called Disappearing Mode which will make the app much more private.

A new feature will come to whatsapp

While the controversial new terms of WhatsApp are already fully in force and you will not be able to continue using the app if they are not accepted, from WhatsApp they do not stop and are already thinking of new functions to bring to the instant messaging app.

Something totally obvious if you want to catch up with your competitors. And if their new terms clashed enough with privacy, except in the European Union where we are totally safe from sharing our data with Facebook, they are testing a new feature based on privacy.

With this new mode we will have more privacy in WhatsApp:

Specifically, it is a new way of using the application that in English is called “Disappearing Mode” and that the Spanish speakers could denominate as Private Mode or as Mode of Disappearance of Messages.

What this new mode will allow is that, once activated, all the new chats that we start or that start us are automatically configured with the elimination of messages in 24 hours or 7 days activated by default.

private mode disappear temporary messages whatsapp 1

The new whatsapp mode

This new mode, as you can imagine, has been discovered in one of the app’s betas. That is why, although it is likely to reach all WhatsApp users, it is still too early to know when since it is in the testing phase.

In any case, this mode is not too shocking. This is mainly due to the fact that the temporary messages have already arrived at the time and the messages that will disappear in 24 hours are being tested. Therefore, it is not surprising that this mode can be activated by default. What do you think of this future function?


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