WHATSAPP tricks that you did not know, interesting and very useful [2020]

WHATSAPP tricks that you did not know, interesting and very useful [2020]

Here we show you 5 Whatsapp tricks that you surely do not know and that will be very useful to you.

WhatsApp iOS Tricks

WhatsApp iOS tricks

We all use WhatsApp to communicate with our friends, family, colleagues … and even to meet people. By now you sure think that you completely dominate the app. Few things can surprise you.

Today we venture to challenge that thought of yours and we bring you 5 tricks that surely you did not know, or if you knew them you no longer remembered them, with which you can increase the privacy of your account, write with different fonts and how to rest, for as long as you want, from all the conversations of the that you are participants.

There are many tutorials and news that we have covered about WhatsApp and today we wanted to collect the most curious tricks about this app.

Very useful and interesting WhatsApp tricks:

Click on the links that appear in each trick to learn how to do them.

Write in different types of text on WhatsApp:

The first of these is the possibility of write text in bold, italics or even cross out words. By writing some commands at the beginning and at the end of each word that we want to highlight with these fonts, we will make them stand out from all the others.

Different fonts

This can also be done by clicking on a word in the written text, not yet sent, and clicking on the option «BUI ».

Listen privately to received voice messages:

Another trick of WhatsApp, or rather function, is the possibility of listen to voice messages in private.

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How many times have you been sent a voice message by WhatsApp And have you been surprised to hear it because of what they will say about the people around you? In the previous link we show you how to listen to those messages privately and without anyone knowing or gossiping.

Hide your WhatsApp profile photo, from whoever you want:

Do you know that we can choose who to show our profile photo to? We will can keep hidden the photo of our profile on Whatsapp and only leave it in sight of whoever we want.

Hide your profile pictureHide your profile picture

Hide your profile picture

Prevent people from gossiping the messages you receive:

Another thing that will make you more angry is that people gossip your lock screen of the iPhone. Many times messages of WhatsApp They can be read by anyone curious who dares to activate the screen of our mobile. In the following link we show you how to prevent them from seeing your WhatsApp messages on the lock screen.

Deactivate this option in WhatsAppDeactivate this option in WhatsApp

Disable this option on WhatsApp

Temporarily disable WhatsApp:

The last of the tricks that we show you, is the possibility of how to disable Whatsapp and temporarily stop being connected. This is sure to come in luxury when you want to disconnect from everything and take a break.

Did you know them ?. If you knew of the existence of these tricks of WhatsApp, At least we hope we have refreshed them if you had forgotten. If you did not know them, we hope we have helped you to know the app a little better and that you share this article on your favorite social networks and with the people you think may be interested in it.

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