WhatsApp tests a function to review audios before sending them

WhatsApp tests a function to review audios before sending them

WhatsApp I would be testing a function that would allow us to review the audios that we want to send before sending them definitively.

New WhatsApp feature

If there is an element that is more and more used in WhatsApp they are voice or audio messages. And, depending on what we want to say, they are a faster and more efficient way of transmitting the message to the recipient.

But, while they are really useful, there is a function that, in our opinion, the audios of WhatsApp. It’s about the possibility to review or listen to the content of the voice or audio message before sending it.

WhatsApp will add a new option to Review our audios before sending them

This function would allow us to listen to it to know if we say everything we wanted to say or if we have made a mistake. And it seems that since WhatsApp they also consider this to be an important function as they are working on it.

This it has been possible to know thanks to leaks of the betas in development of WhatsApp. In them, the function has been found and not only that, but it has also been possible to fully know how it would work.

check audios before sending them whatsapp 1

The new review button

Apparently, once the function arrived, when sending a voice message, a new button would appear next to the Cancel call Check. Pressing it would completely reproduce the audio we just recorded and therefore we could listen to it completely and review it. In this way, we could not save tricks regarding the content.

As always happens with news from WhatsApp discovered through betas, it is not known when it will be released definitively. This is because the function is in the testing phase and, therefore, there are still tests to be done to see if it works properly.

What do you think of this future function of WhatsApp? We are at least looking forward to it as we believe that it is an essential function. And, while this function arrives, we leave you a video in which we show you how you can do it right now.


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