WhatsApp takes the calls to its application for Mac and its Web version

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WhatsApp will finally add voice calls and video calls to WhatsApp for Mac and at the service WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp calls reach the web version

Can’t say that WhatsApp be the fastest app to add news and new functions to the app. They are arriving by dropper but it is true that, once they arrive, they are usually quite polished and not give too many errors.

And today we are talking about a novelty that reaches the versions of WhatsApp for Mac and WhatsApp Web, released a few years ago. And it seems that WhatsApp you are testing to integrate the calls into these two application services.

At the moment voice calls and video calls are being tested in WhatsApp for Mac as a test:

The calls have been present in the app official of iOS and video calling came in 2016, and since then there have been quite a few improvements to it. And, finally, they will reach the version Web and for computers Manzana, albeit slowly.

voice calls video calls whatsapp mac web 2

The functions at the top

Thus has discovered, and is that WhatsApp you are activating this feature for some users. And that if, always in beta phase which will allow them to polish all the bugs and errors that may appear before making it public for all users.

In case you already have the function activated, you will see at the top of the chats, next to the magnifying glass icon, two new icons, one for a phone and the other for a camcorder. Each of them corresponds to the voice calls and the video calls and, by clicking on them, we can make the call we want.

voice calls video calls whatsapp mac web 1

The new icons that will appear

At the moment, as with most news that are discovered ahead of time, we cannot know when voice calls and video calls will arrive on these platforms. WhatsApp. What do you think WhatsApp I incorporated in Mac and Web audio and video calls?


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