WhatsApp response clarifying its new Terms of Service

WhatsApp response clarifying its new Terms of Service

WhatsApp jumps to the fore by publishing responses in which he reports what changes if we accept his new terms of service that so many criticisms have aroused.

Official statement from WhatsApp

It seems that WhatsApp has seen the ears of the wolf and has answered the most recurrent questions asked by users of the platform, referring to the new Terms of Service.

He increase in Telegram downloads and the appearance of a alternative to WhatsApp, call Signal, it seems that it has impacted on the messaging platform of Zuckerberg and they want to put the points on the i’s to avoid the flight of users.

Official WhatsApp Response on Terms of Service:

The core of Terms of Service of WhatsApp is focused on the solution provider. This is a set of specific tools available to businesses, created to help you read, store and manage the messages you receive from us.

Solution providers have their own privacy practices, in which they can use all the chats they receive to improve their experience on Facebook and Instagram with personalized ads.

Whenever we contact a company that is going to use a solution provider, a system message will appear in the chat such as the following:

Warning message in WhatsApp

Warning message on WhatsApp (Photo from Wabetainfo.com)

The user may contact the company whenever you want, to request more information or clarification about its privacy policy. If you have any questions, just don’t chat with that company and none of the new terms will affect you.

WhatsApp’s answer to the most recurrent questions about the new terms of service:

Official statement from WhatsApp

Official statement from WhatsApp

With the Terms of Service updated, nothing changes about your normal experience in WhatsApp. You can still communicate safely and privately with your family and friends:

  • WhatsApp you will not be able to see your private messages or listen to your calls and Facebook you can do it. Chats, groups, and calls are end-to-end encrypted, and newer Terms of Service They didn’t change that.
  • No logs are kept of who all users are texting or calling with. This is only used internally in the application to understand which contacts to present at the top of the status update list, and is not uploaded to the server.
  • Shared locations are always private and end-to-end encrypted.
  • Your contact list is uploaded to the servers of WhatsApp, but never shared with Facebook.
  • Your status updates remain private because they are end-to-end encrypted and only people you choose from your privacy settings can receive and view them.

These characteristics (Stores and business experience using any solution provider) They are completely optional – if you don’t like them, just don’t use these features and nothing will change.

If you’re never going to chat with companies that use solution providers, it’s as if those features don’t exist for you or you’ve turned them off. Your messages will not be collected or used for marketing purposes.

We believe that they have been quite clear and after this statement it seems that the waters tend to calm down a bit.

Source: Wabetainfo.com


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