WhatsApp no ​​longer allows sharing through the native iOS menu

WhatsApp no ​​longer allows sharing through the native iOS menu

WhatsApp has decided to eliminate the possibility of sharing with the contacts in the app using the native option of iOS.

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WhatsApp removes a function!

The app of the world’s most widely used instant messaging, WhatsApp, is improving more and more. Its developers more and more functions added to both improve the use of the app like user experience.

But sometimes it also surprises in a negative way. And it is that a function that came with the application has been removed iOS 13, which was quite useful and made sharing content, be it photos, videos or files, easier.

The function has been removed due to a failure that prevented its proper operation

We talk about the share menu released in iOS 13. This menu allowed applications to learn from the use we make of the option «Share«. In this way, when we want to share something, at the top, the contacts and applications in which we used the share function the most would appear.

This function, which was initially used only by native apps from Manzana, it spread. More and more developers were integrating it into their apps once its potential was seen. AND WhatsApp it was one of those applications and that integration didn’t take long to reach WhatsApp.

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The iOS 13 share menu

Apparently, the removal of this feature is due to complaints from some users. Apparently, for a large number of users of the app, the native share menu of iOS did not work well with WhatsApp and generated failures.

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In fact, the deletion is due to a bug that makes iOS 13’s share menu not work properly with WhatsApp causing the function to fail. And that is why they have decided to eliminate the function to investigate it.

It is not known how long it will take Facebook investigate this bug, but it is foreseeable that, as soon as it is solved, the integration with the share menu of iOS. Menu that is much easier than pressing the «+» icon in conversations.


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