WhatsApp is updated with interesting news

WhatsApp is updated with interesting news

WhatsApp has released a new update that brings a couple of very interesting news to the most used instant messaging app.

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New WhatsApp update

Every so often, since WhatsApp update their instant messaging application. And, although many times they only fix bugs and errors, others include new functions, have been previously discovered in the betas or not.

And now you have touched a new update of WhatsApp that we tare to the application a couple of functions. They had not been previously reviewed thanks to the betas, but that does not make them less useful and that they complete the app even more.

With this update two quite useful functions are added to WhatsApp

The first of the features to arrive with this update of WhatsApp it is an improvement in the multimedia content in the chats. As of this update, in the previews of images and videos in the chats we will be able to see more content of the file.

In addition, there is also a very interesting one related to temporary messages, one of the latest news that came to the chats of WhatsApp, although this time the function will be added to the groups that we have in the app.

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Temporary messages on WhatsApp

Starting with this update, and by default, anyone within a group will be able to modify all the settings for temporary messages in the group and not just administrators. But, the latter, they will be able to maintain control over them thanks to the configuration options that WhatsApp gives to group administrators.

To have the app updated to its latest version and have all the news, you only have to access the App Store and update the app. What do you think of these news from WhatsApp? You can see that every time I want to add more functions to make the app more useful when using it.


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