WhatsApp is trying to make messages disappear after 24 hours

WhatsApp is trying to make messages disappear after 24 hours

WhatsApp is working on a ton of new features, paying particular attention to the disappearing messages. Today we will discover a new option that will be available in a future update.

WhatsApp messages that last 24 hours

It seems that the developers of WhatsApp they want to add auto-delete message functions. Recently we have available the temporary messages and now it seems that they are going to implement a new function that would make the messages we want disappear after 24 hours. since shipment.

It will be an option that will be added to the, already existing, messages that after 7 days are automatically deleted. A leak that, again, has made the Twitter account WABetainfo.

Temporary WhatsApp messages that self-destruct after 24 hours:

In the following image we can see how this new option will be implemented:

24h WhatsApp messages

Photograph by WABetaInfo

To access it we must do it from within the chat in which we want to activate the function. Entering it and clicking on the name of the person or group, at the top of the screen, we will access the chat settings and from the “Temporary messages” option, we can have the messages deleted after 24 hours, after 7 days or simply never self-destruct.

When the user chooses “24 hours”, all messages sent / received after this change expire after 24 hours, so they will disappear from the chat.

That if, as we always say, that they disappear does not mean that the other person has not saved it. You have to be careful with this.

Supposedly this novelty will be added to WhatsApp in future updates. We do not know when it will be but it seems that it will be shortly.

Without further ado and taking advantage of the occasion that we are talking about this messaging app, we encourage you to visit the playlist that we have active on our channel Youtube, in which we teach you all kinds of tutorials and tricks for WhatsApp.



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