WhatsApp for iPhone will encrypt backups

WhatsApp for iPhone will encrypt backups

WhatsApp You are working on a new function that will encrypt and encrypt your backups so that no one else can access them.

The app of most used instant messaging, WhatsApp, is improving more and more. Although we recently had news of the removing a function in the appThe truth is that what you usually do is add functions to make the app more useful.

Now, it seems likeWhatsApp developers are working on a function to make our accounts in the app more secure. This is the encryption or encryption of our backups of WhatsApp in iCloud.

By encrypting the backups our account would be almost impregnable

Currently, backups are not encrypted, and anyone with access to our number and our iPhone It could have access to everything that we had stored in them. But with this function that would be impossible.

The operation would be really simple. It would be enough to establish a password and confirm our phone number to encrypt the backups. Once the password is set, in order to recover the backup copies of WhatsApp, it would have to be entered and, if it was not done for whatever reason, they could not be recovered.

backup encrypt encrypt iphone whatsapp 1backup encrypt encrypt iphone whatsapp 1

Password confirmation for copies

This function is still in beta phase. Specifically, it has been located in the beta version of WhatsApp Therefore, it is still in the testing phase and it is not known how long it will take to become available, if any, to the general public.

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We, of course, hope that this function becomes a reality and reaches all users as soon as possible. Because this function together with the verification in two steps, would achieve that our WhatsApp was almost completely safe. What do you think of this function for WhatsApp? Do you see it useful and would you use it?


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