WhatsApp for iPad is definitively confirmed officially

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Own Mark Zuckerberg and the CEO from WhatsApp have definitively and officially confirmed that WhatsApp will reach the iPad.

Future WhatsApp news

If there is a long-awaited novelty of WhatsApp, With WhatsApp in order to Manzana Watch Y the possibility of using it in multi-device mode, that is the possibility of using WhatsApp on our iPad. This novelty has been between rumors and leaks for a long time, but in an unexpected twist, it has been officially confirmed.

This has been confirmed by a well-known website that usually filters news and functions of the WhatsApp application betas. And it is that, from this website, they have managed to have an interview with their own Mark Zuckerberg and with him CEO from WhatsApp.

The multi-device version of WhatsApp would reach betas in two months

In this kind of interview via WhatsApp many things have been learned, in addition to the future arrival of the long-awaited app WhatsApp in order to iPad. Above all, details have been known about the future multi-device function as well.

Various details about this feature have been disclosed. The first of these is that they have finally figured out a way for WhatsApp functions in the rest of the devices that we have although the iPhone, which would be the main device, run out of battery. Something that can be very practical.


One of the latest WhatsApp features

In this way, neither the main device, which will be the iPhone, you will need to have a battery or access to mobile data. In addition, it has also been known that it will allow a maximum of four devices to be used at the same time and that in approximately two months, we will be able to see this function in the betas.

Although this official confirmation definitively announces that both the multi-device function and the WhatsApp app will arrive, it is not known at the moment when it will be. But at least we can keep in mind that at some point they will come. What do you think of these upcoming shows from WhatsApp? Do you want them to arrive as soon as possible?


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