WhatsApp disables a function that you activated a few months ago

WhatsApp disables a function that you activated a few months ago

CAREFUL!!!. WhatsApp it disables one of the functions that many of us applauded when it arrived. The possibility of preventing the appearance of checks blue when listening to audio.

WhatsApp disable function

Those of us who love privacy clapped our ears when reading and testing that by deactivating read receipts and listening to audios from WhatsAppThese did not appear as heard to the person who sent them. It avoided showing the two checks blue and, with them, the time we play the audio.

If you did not know, the audios of WhatsApp They are the only way to make sure that a person reads, in this case listens, a WhatsApp message. With version 2.21.4o this was changed to allow people who had read receipts turned off, not to check the check blue in the audio that someone sent us.

Now this has stopped working and we don’t know why. Will it be failure of WhatsApp? Will he return in the future?

WhatsApp re-enables the double blue check in the audios, even if we have read confirmations disabled:

Preparing to record a video in our Youtube channel, we have noticed it.

Double blue check in WhatsApp audios

Double blue check in WhatsApp audios

Even with the option disabled “Read confirmation” in our account and sending us an audio from another mobile with the read confirmations activated, appear, in said iPhone, both blue checks when we listen to the audio.

If we deactivate the read confirmations on both mobiles, the double does not appear check blue when listening to the audios. This means that only the two blue check marks are prevented from seeing on devices with the read confirmation disabled.

It is a privacy issue that we wanted to put on record as it can lead to misunderstandings. If the contact that sends you the audio has read receipts activated, the time you heard the audio will appear. If you have it disabled, it will not appear.

Be careful with this that for many of you, it can cause some misunderstandings.

How to listen to WhatsApp audios without the seen:

If you want to listen to the audios without leaving double check marked blue, you can do it as explained in the following video or by listening to the audio from the notification or from the notifications screen of your iPhone:



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