WhatsApp announces the arrival of numerous news

WhatsApp already allows you to make payments and send money between users

WhatsApp has announced via video on Youtube the arrival of numerous novelties to the app of most used instant messaging.

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Interesting news arrives on WhatsApp

We all to a greater or lesser extent make use of the app WhatsApp. That is why it is the most used instant messaging app. And each time it adds more and more improvements so as not to be left behind with the improvements and functions that its competitors.

And in a rather surprising movement, since normally the novelties are filtered through the betas phases of the app, WhatsApp has announced through a video all the news that will come soon to the application.

These are all the news that will arrive on WhatsApp officially:

The first novelty is Stickers animated. Some time ago WhatsApp released the Stickers and caused a furor. Now you want to do the same by adding the Stickers with movement to the app which, surely, could be created and downloaded.

There is also the possibility of add contacts using QR codes. This function was already filtered in some of the beta phases and, with the Coronavirus in between, it is a good option to add contacts to WhatsApp without having to have contact with your devices.

WhatsApp news announced 1WhatsApp news announced 1

Animated stickers on WhatsApp

There are also improvements in the video calls of the app. When these novelties are launched, it will be possible to increase the size of the user that we want so that it is centered on the screen to a larger size than the rest of the participants.

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Finally, they have decided to carry the expected Mode Dark both to WhatsApp Web like to version of desk of the application. In this way, the Mode Dark will be available on all platforms where WhatsApp available.

We are waiting for these news to arrive so we can try them out. Also, this new way of announcing them is quite interesting. Hopefully it becomes a regular way to present the news of WhatsApp What do you think of these new functions?


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