WhatsApp already allows you to make payments and send money between users

WhatsApp already allows you to make payments and send money between users

WhatsApp has announced that it has already enabled the function that allows making payments and avoiding money between users simply by using the app.

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A new function comes to WhatsApp

Some time ago, Facebook ad Facebook Pay. This payment platform allowed to make payments and send and receive money through Facebook and Messenger, In United States. But the final idea was to integrate the payment platform in all its applications, including WhatsApp and Instagram, and in all countries.

And finally, and after a time of development, this payment platform has made the leap to WhatsApp. The platform Facebook Pay It has been completely integrated into the application and allows you to send and receive money, as well as send and receive payments between users and companies within the app.

WhatsApp Pay, the sending of money and payments by WhatsApp, is only enabled at the moment in Brazil

In this way, it will not only be possible to send money and pay what we owe to our friends and family. Purchases can also be made through WhatsApp in companies that offer the service of sale by WhatsApp, completely free of charge for users, and charging companies a commission.

The operation of WhatsApp Pay It will be really simple, in any of its modalities, and you only have to select the corresponding option. Also, from the looks of it, it will be safe. To do this when making a purchase or sending money, the app will request a specific six-digit code or authentication by fingerprint or Face ID.

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The operation of sending money and payments on WhatsApp

At the moment this new WhatsApp Pay only available in Brazil And, for you to function, you need to be from a certain bank and use certain cards. Despite this, since WhatsApp assure that it will reach all entities and countries in the world. What do you think? Will you use WhatsApp Pay to send money or make purchases online?

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