What’s new in iOS 15 Beta 2? Improvements in Memojis, Facetime …

What's new in iOS 15 Beta 2? Improvements in Memojis, Facetime ...

Manzana has released, for developers, the Beta 2 from ios fifteen loaded with news that we like to enjoy. The truth is that we were already waiting and looking forward to it.

iOS 15 Beta 2

The release of the second Beta from iOS 15 It took place on the night from Thursday to Friday, when it is normally done in the afternoon around 7:00 p.m. Spanish time, so we no longer had it this week. We would have to wait for Tuesday or Wednesday, which is when Manzana usually throw them.

In this BetaIn addition to correcting several errors in the first one and improving the general stability of the system, interesting new features have been added. Most showed up at the WWDC twenty-one, but others do not, and that makes the trial versions have to test them to the fullest.

What’s New in iOS 15 Beta 2:

There is a new icon Maps from Manzana. In it the colors look stronger.

The Memojis they are more “customizable” and we can dress them … Short sleeves, long sleeves, etc.

Personalize your memoji more

Customize your memoji more

They say that Compartir Play from Facetime, It is already available although it still does not appear to me. It will be a matter of waiting for it to be so.

On Focus, the new Do not disturb control center, mode Personal has been renamed Weather Free.

For now, shortly after the download, I have not found more news, although I will continue to squeeze the Beta to look for more or I’ll wait for the next one to tell you more.

The only fault I have found in the Beta 1 and that has not solved the two, is that the application of Twitter closes when you open it the first time … They say that the The Caixa did not go previously. I do not have that App, but I hope that it Beta 2 have fixed it. I will find out about it and let you know.

Although the Beta It is going very well, as I said, I do not advise you to download it and less on your main device. It is still a trial version, do not forget it. I promise to tell you absolutely everything. You wait for September.



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