Apple Announces Next Keynote for September 15, 2020

What to expect from the Apple event on September 15

Today we are going to tell you what the team of this website think is going to present Manzana at their next event on September 15th.

Apple event next September 15

Barely two days before the Keynote than Manzana always celebrates in September to publicize the new iPhone, we are increasingly clear what, we assume, will present. We warn you that we will not see the new ones iPhone 12.

And … why do we think this? Because it would be very strange that those of Cupertino They will talk about a device that will be launched in about a month. We think that Manzana wants to announce the iPhone closer to its release date. Presumably there will be a second event in October exclusively for the different iPhone 12 models.

Everything can be and we could be wrong. You never know where they will leave from Tim cook.

New Apple Watch Series 6, new iPad Air and more products in one of the most unusual Keynotes in history:

What we are clear about is that they will present the following products:

New Apple Watch Series 6:

It is rumored that the new smartwatch of Manzana will retain the same layout as the Series 5. It will improve water resistance and improved wireless transmission for both Wifi as for data.

The most notable improvement the new one will possibly bring Manzana Watch is the blood oxygen level monitoring and that it is an improvement that has been requested, especially since the pandemic of the damn Coronavirus. This function apart from notifying us in case our oxygen level is deficient, It is rumored that the watch could also detect panic attacks or high levels of stress.

A rumor indicates they could present a new low-cost Apple Watch which would be a modified Series 4, with sizes of 40 and 44 mm and with features such as the ECG and the always-on screen. This supposed version of Apple Watch would replace the Series 3.

New iPad Air:

It is said that the iPad Air will have a full screen layout very similar to iPad Pro, with a size of 10.8 “ to eleven” inches.

IPad Air 2020

IPad Air 2020 (Image:

Rumors have suggested that the iPad Air will have Touch ID, either under the screen or integrated into the side off button of the device.

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New Apple ONE service:

The long awaited package that many of us have been waiting for seems to see the light of day. This new product would allow us to subscribe to various Apple services in a discounted package. These packages could include Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple arcade, iCloud and Apple News +.

In addition to these three novelties, they may also present the products that we comment on below, although it is somewhat less likely:


Possibly present in the assumption Apple event in October, but they can present it on September 15.

The AirTags are tracking devices Bluetooth designed to connect to items such as keys, wallets, cameras, and anything else that can normally be easily lost. With AirTags , these items can be tracked directly in the app “Search for”.

Airpods Studio:

Manzana has been working on a headset for a long time and could release them shortly.

Among the rumored features these new headphones will possess are active noise cancellation to minimize ambient noise, equalizer adjustments available through a device. ios or Mac, and head and neck detection, which would function similarly to ear detection in AirPods, but would be able to tell if the headphones are on the head or around the neck.

Cheapest HomePod:

The bad sales generated by the HomePod has done that Manzana work on a smaller, more affordable version that could be released this year.

Smallest and cheapest HomePod

Smaller and cheaper HomePod (Image:

AirPower Wireless Charging Mat:

The famous AirPower that we all expected and that Manzana canceled in March 2019, it seems that it may see the light soon. Rumors suggest that the design will be different from what was expected in early 2019.

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First Mac with Apple Silicon:

They could also unveil the first Mac with a chip Apple Silicon.

In any case, there is little time left to know what, officially, they are going to present. We hope to get our forecast right.


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