What to do if you lose an Airtag or find one that is not yours

What to do if you lose an Airtag or find one that is not yours

Yes you lose an Airtag, today we are going to show you how to configure it to be able to find it as soon as possible. You do the same for yourself or you need someone else to get it back.

What to do if you lose an AirTag

If you have a Airtag Surely you have wondered, at some point, what to do if you lose one of these small devices … right?

If you lose it, it is because you have also lost the object to which you have assigned it, be it a few keys, a wallet, a purse, a suitcase…. Surely you will be out of breath for a few seconds and no longer for the Airtag, if not because of the accessory or article that has it “embedded”.

Well then, calm down. You are in the right place to know what to do to find it as soon as possible. Go for it… .

What to do if you lose an Airtag:

The first thing you should do, before panic, is to enter the app Look for from ios, press on the menu “Objects”, that appears at the bottom of the screen, and press on the object that your AirTag. You have the same at home, in the car or at the home of a friend or relative.

If it is close we can go look for it without problem. We can even find it at home in case it is in the range of Bluetooth of iPhone. In this case, if you have a iPhone 11 or higher, you can take advantage of the precise location. It indicates the meters at which it is and directs us, by means of a kind of compass, to its exact place.

If we have not been able to locate it nearby or we see that it is located in some place to which we do not have access, the best thing is to do what we tell you below.

How to configure the lost mode of the Airtag:

In the following video, about the minute 3:04, we talk about the mode you should activate if you have lost it:

You enter the app Look for from ios, click on the menu “Objects” that appears at the bottom of the screen and click on the object assigned to your AirTag.

The following menu will appear, from which we have to click on the option “Activate” from “Lost mode”.

Airtag Menu

Airtag menu

Now we will see a brief explanation of what that mode is and how it works. We give you to continue after reading it and a screen will appear in which we will have to put our phone number. This is very important because if someone finds it, they will know where to call to be able to return it.

Next, the menu appears where we can configure the message that we want the person who finds it to read and, also, the possibility of activating the warning when it is found. This notice will notify us when a person scans the device.

Set Lost Mode

Set Lost Mode

Once we have it configured, click on “Activate” to fully leave Lost Mode on. Now it will appear to us, together with the image of our Airtag, a padlock that reveals that we have the lost mode activated.

Red padlock next to Airtag image

Red padlock next to Airtag image

It’s good to make it ring once in a while. It may be that it is somewhere that no one knows and by making it ring they can find it and proceed with the return.

What to do if you find an Airtag that is not yours:

Now we are talking about the other extreme, about the person who finds a Airtag. If someone finds, for example, our Airtag lost and has a device Android, all you have to do is put it next to your mobile and wait for the chip NFC do your work. When detecting the device in “Lost mode”, a notification will appear in which, when pressed, it will give you the information that we have configured in the lost mode, that is, the phone number and the message.

If the person who finds it has an iPhone, when placing it next to the mobile, the notification should appear that allows us to access the information of the owner of the Airtag. If it does not appear, what you should do is access the app Look for from ios and clicking on the menu “Objects”, we will see an option called “Identify the found object”. By clicking there, we must follow the steps indicated by the app and, after a short while, the expected notification will appear.

Accessing information on the lost Airtag

Accessing missing Airtag information

Pressing on it will give you all the information that we have configured in lost mode. The message and the phone number. It is already a matter of that person contacting the owner of the Airtag to return it.

Lost Airtag owner information

Lost Airtag Owner Information

We warn that all Airtag that is linked to an owner, cannot be restored or used so it is silly to keep it.

And without more and hoping that you have found this tutorial interesting, see you shortly with more apps, news, tricks, tutorials … to get the most out of your Apple devices.



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