What to do before selling an iPhone or iPad. Steps to follow

What to do before selling an iPhone or iPad.  Steps to follow

We show you what what do we have to do before selling an iPhone and the steps we must follow to avoid having any problem.

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Steps to follow before selling an iPhone

Today we are going to show you the steps to follow before selling an iPhone. A great way to sell our device as 2nd hand iPhone and not scare us in the future.

If there is any device that can be sold very easily, that is the iPhone. Like we say iPhone, we also talk about iPad. And they are products that are sold very easily in second-hand markets. In addition, by cleaning it correctly, we can guarantee its perfect operation.

This is where we are going to focus today, what should we do before selling a iPhone or a iPad.

How to format them before selling an iPhone or iPad:

There are usually several ways to format a iPhone and leave it totally clean. We mean clean, to leave the device as we found it when opening it from the box. That is, leave it with the factory settings.

If you are thinking of selling your iPhone or you iPad and you have come this far, you will see that it is very simple. But yes, before carrying out this process, we must bear in mind that we must make a backup.

This is the most important of all, since we are going to completely erase the device and therefore we will lose everything, unless we make the copy. We have already explained to you in an article on our website, how to make a backup. So we follow the steps outlined and move on to the next one.

Made the backup and all photos and videos extracted to a computer, we go to the settings of our device. Once here, click on the tab “General” and we move to the end, where we will find another with the name of “Restore”.

sell an iPhone 1sell an iPhone 1

Click on the Reset tab

Within this tab, we will see several options. But the one that interests us and which the iPhone or the iPad like new, is that of “Delete content and settings”.

sell an iPhone 2sell an iPhone 2

Delete all content from iPhone

We click on this tab and follow the steps indicated. Once the process is finished, we will have our device ready to be sold.


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