What is the Night Shift of the iPhone and iPad ?. Should we activate it or not?

What is the Night Shift of the iPhone and iPad ?. Should we activate it or not?

Thanks to the mode IPhone Night Shift, we can sleep better at night. We tell you all the details below.

iOS Night Shift Function

IOS Night Shift function

Today we talk about the way IOS Night Shift, a function that allows you to rest your eyes when looking at the iPhone. One of those tutorials for iPhone that will come to you from pearls to put into practice at the end of the day, to force our eyes less when consulting our device.

This mode makes reading easier when certain times arrive. It is here when this option really serves us, we can also activate it whenever we want from the control center and we can even program it to activate and deactivate at the times we want, just as we do with the mode Do not bother.

If we already explain what what is true toneToday we are going to explain how to activate and how to configure the mode Night shift.

What is and how to activate the Night Shift mode of the iPhone and iPad:

With this feature active on the device, the display settings automatically change colors to warmer tones when it gets dark at night to help us sleep better. Warm tones are more pleasing to the eye and make us not force it as much when looking at the screen of our iPhone or iPad, when the end of the day comes.

We can activate it directly from the control center. For this we deploy it, if you have a iPhone with Face ID We will do it by moving the finger from top to bottom right in the area where the battery level appears and in the iPhone with Touch ID We will do it by moving the finger from the bottom of the screen up. Once it appears, we will make a long press on the brightness bar of the screen.

Activate Night ShiftActivate Night Shift

Activate Night Shift

Now we will see the option at the bottom and we will only have to touch it to activate it.

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Program the Night Shift option:

But we also have the possibility to program when we want it to be activated and when it is deactivated. For them we go to the device settings and go to the tab Screen and brightness. Here we will have all the configuration of this function.

Configure Night ShiftConfigure Night Shift

Set up Night Shift

As you can see, we can adjust how warm we want the screen color to be. The warmer the more our eyes will rest. Personally, I do not like a totally orange screen, so I have it configured one level more than normal, which is natively activated.

Turn Night Shift on or off on iPhone ?:

We recommend activating it since, as we have explained, it helps not to strain your eyes as much when looking at the screen of our device in the last hours of the day.

What’s more, we encourage you to configure it from sunset to sunrise. Thus, automatically, the device will activate it and we will not have to be aware of whether it is night or day. You already know that throughout the year the arrival of the night is early and late depending on the time of year in which we are.

An interesting way to take care of our sight and to sleep with it more rested. Although if you want to rest your eyes even more before going to bed, follow this trick in which we explain how to configure iPhone so that the brain rests better at night.

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