What is special about the Hashcat tool to be so fast?

A few weeks ago I was curious to know how fast the hashcat tool was compared to a code I wrote in Java.


My Java code: 15 H/s

Hashcat: 360 H/s

I was impressed with the speed gain, in a process that would take 24 hours with my Java code, in the hashcat it would only take 1 hour. As I have other Java projects that also perform a lot of calculations and have a long execution time, I would like to know a way to better the speed of my processes like this.

Edit: I did the test and while in Java the code runs in 16 sec, in C the same code takes 56 seconds.

It seems to me that changing the language to C is not a better choice.

Code used (The Java version):


Code used (The C version):



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