What is Google Lens and what is it for? We tell you everything

What is Google Lens and what is it for? We tell you everything

Today we are going to tell you everything we can do with Google Lens. A very useful function that the app has Google and that we recommend you download since it will allow us to obtain information about anything that we focus on with the camera of the iPhone.

Google Lens for iPhone and iPad

Google Lens for iPhone and iPad

Everyone knows the app Shazam, true?. If you do not know it tell you that it is an application that allows us to recognize any song that sounds in the environment. As well, Google Lens It is the same but in terms of images. We can say that it is the Shazam of Images.

If we want to know something about a product, animal, object … we simply have to make it appear on the screen of our phone. In this way it will give us access to information, purchases, videos … of everything we focus on. But the thing does not stop there, it also allows us to access the info of anything that appears in the photos of our reel.

A simple way, for example, to access the purchase of a dress or pants that you have seen someone famous.

How to use Google Lens:

In the following video we show you the full potential of this function, apart from showing how it is used:

What is Google Lens for? Here we explain its functionalities:

How you can see the usefulness of this great service is brutal. Next we are going to name everything that can be done with it and we will link you at the right minute, in which it appears in the video.

  • Gain insight into everything you approach with the iPhone’s camera. (1:13)
  • Buy anything you make appear on the phone screen. (1:55)
  • Know the ingredients that make up any dish that appears on the menu of any restaurant. (2:34)
  • Translate any text you focus on iPhone. (3:34)
  • Capture any object, animal, accessory … from a reel image. (4:20)
  • Digitize handwritten text and pass it to Word, notes, Excel … (6:10)

How you see is a powerful tool that is worth installing the app Google.

Download Google app

We have to say that Google Lens is also you can use from Safari but it is not as useful as using it from the app.

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