What is AppFlash on Android and do you need it?

Device vendors and manufacturers never quite understood users – we don’t like or need bloatware. Yet Verizon has decided that all Android users need AppFlash on their devices. It appeared inconspicuously on existing devices in 2017. Since then, it has been pre-installed. One thing all users want to know: What is AppFlash and is it really useful?

What is AppFlash?

According to Verizon, AppFlash is a content discovery service. It is designed to be an all-in-one app to find everything you need to make your life easier. From app and restaurant recommendation to movies and rides, all you have to do is ask. On the surface, that doesn’t really sound that bad. After all, Google works the same when you’re signed in and sometimes even when you’re not signed in.

What is Appflash on Android and do you need it safely

One good feature is that the app is designed to automatically stream any content you need without having to download another app to do so if you need a specific app to view or stream content on AppFlash.

It is pre-installed on Android devices from Verizon. However, it won’t look like a traditional app. Instead, it functions as a left-hand type of home screen. If it’s enabled, all you need to do is swipe left from your home screen to view it. And yes, it takes up the whole screen.

Is it sure?

What is Appflash on Android and do you need it?What is Appflash on Android and do you need it?

The answer is yes and no. Just like any app that provides personalized recommendations on your phone, AppFlash collects user data when you use your device. This includes your location data, even when you are not using the app. It’s not much better or worse than other popular apps that track your app’s usage, location, and preferences.

According to Verizon, “In newer versions of the app, when you choose to turn on location, it will be collected even when the app is not in use.” If this leaves you feeling less secure, you are not alone. However, many apps that ask for location permission do the same, especially search engines and social media apps.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation originally called AppFlash spyware. EFF recommends that users read the privacy policy before activating the app. Even though it’s not spyware, it’s definitely bloatware if you don’t want it. But it is one of the many bloatware apps that you cannot easily uninstall, although there are several ways to remove it completely.

The app is currently available for download from the Google Play Store. As you can see, users aren’t exactly thrilled, giving it only 3.6 stars.

How do I activate and deactivate AppFlash?

What initially irritated users was the app downloaded, installed and activated without users’ permission. Users were prompted to quickly agree to the privacy policy just to see what was on their phones. Now it’s disabled by default on newer devices.

You can turn it on or off yourself at any time through your device settings. The exact steps may vary slightly depending on your device and Android system.

Go to “Settings -> Display”.

What is Appflash on Android and do you need it?What is Appflash on Android and do you need it?

Tap “Home Screen.”

What is Appflash on Android and do you need it?What is Appflash on Android and do you need it?

Choose “Left Home Screen”.

What is Appflash on Android and do you need it?What is Appflash on Android and do you need it?

Tap AppFlash to activate it. If you want to turn it off, select another option from the left home screen or select None. Press OK to save your changes.

What is Appflash on Android and do you need it?What is Appflash on Android and do you need it?

If you installed AppFlash yourself, you will have the option to uninstall it like any other Android app. When it’s pre-installed, it might not even be listed in your available apps. If so, the only option is to disable it.

Should you keep it? The choice is yours. You can try it out to see if it is useful to you. Just read the privacy policy and check the permissions in the Google Play Store to see if you agree with it first. Remember that you can turn it off at any time or even prevent it from running in the background.

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