What if the LIDAR sensor and Apple Glasses did this? [FOTOS 3D]

What if the LIDAR sensor and Apple Glasses did this? [FOTOS 3D]

Possibly in the future the sensor combination LIDAR + Apple glasses they can give us joy when viewing photos. I am going to tell you, in this opinion article, something that I dreamed the other day and that it is not very far-fetched that Manzana can implement it.

LIDAR sensor and Apple Glasses can be a wonderful combination

Earlier in the week I had a very real dream in which I was able to test a function, using some assumptions Apple glasses. Don’t tell me what these glasses were like because I didn’t see them … I appeared in the dream with them already on.

And is that the sensor LIDAR, to which many people do not give much importance, it may be that in the future it will allow us to do something that, through the use of sunglasses Manzana, literally break the market.

Visit your photos in 3D thanks to the LIDAR sensor and the use of Apple Glasses:

You already know that dreams are something that cannot be predicted or explained, but I saw some Apple glasses put on and browsing inside a photo taken with a iPhone with sensor LIDAR.

The moment was so real and so shocking that I was truly amazed. I remember he kept saying … “Apple is going to blow him away with this !!!”.

And is that if we think a little and starting from the base that all this is something that probably will never be incorporated, if the sensor LIDAR of the iPhone Y iPad they make a 3D mapping of everything we focus on with the camera … who says that in the future 3D photos cannot be taken?

3D mapping with LIDAR sensor

3D mapping with LIDAR sensor

And if we can take 3D photos with our devices and it is said that Manzana is going to launch some augmented reality glasses… who says we can’t get to navigate inside them?

I can assure you that during the dream, I was able to closely see people from my family who are no longer with us and that I was moved to be able to have them right in front of me. It was such a shocking, beautiful and inexplicable feeling that when I woke up the first thing I decided was to write this opinion article to let you know what Manzana could contribute in the future.

What do you think about it? Personally, I do not see very unreasonable that this happens.


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