What if Apple stops numbering iPhones and gives them a new nomenclature?

It won't be iPhone 13, it will be iPhone 12s.  This will be the future Apple iPhone

The other day, talking to a friend about the name of the futures iPhone It made me think … What we have clear is that, under no circumstances, the new telephones of Manzana they are going to use the number 13. Americans are very superstitious and they will never put a number that gives them such bad luck.

New names for the new iPhones? (Image: EverythingApplePro EAP Youtube Channel)

He proposed a new nomenclature to me, in whose concept I had not fallen. What if the new iPhone they were called the same as the iPad? Well, thinking about it a lot, it would make all the sense in the world: Mini, Air, Pro Y Pro Max. That way I know I would avoid calling them iPhone 13.

Manzana he’s been making moves lately that we love but don’t expect. Some absurd, some incredible and impressive, so it would not be strange at all about the new way of calling the iPhone, which this friend proposed to me.

Movements expected from Apple in the next WWDC 2021:

WWDC 2021

WWDC 2021

It is being said that in the next WWDC, developer conference that will be held from June 7 to 11, new computers will be presented MacBook Air of colors, with the M1X chip or M2 from Manzana, as well as a Macbook pro, 16 “with said chip. Let’s see, I see it and I don’t. Yes it is true that, seeing the movements they have made to date, it is “logical” the MacBook Air of colors, but remember that the chip current, the M1, was launched in November 2020… Are you going to put new computers on sale now, making the current ones obsolete?

It is also true that the models Air have been renewed with the m1 chip, but the Pro it lacks an M1 model with a “Pro” screen….

Manzana has released new ones iMac colored, very pretty, but no iMac Pro… And seeing his way of doing, it would not be crazy to think that in the WWDC 2021, draw a line Air of colors, with the chip M1, a MacBook Pro Silver Y Space gray, with the M1X chip and 16 ”and before the end of the year, possibly in September, the new iMac Pro, in the last colors, also with the M1X chip.

This would lead us to confirm the increasingly real possibility of what my good friend told me Ekaitz Mante (has a channel of Youtube who is named after him. Follow him that you will like it): iPhone Mini, iPhone Air, iPhone Pro Y iPhone Pro Max

Do you agree with that?.


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