What does the green and orange dot on my iPhone mean?

What does the green and orange dot on my iPhone mean?

We show you all the information about that green and orange point that appears at the top of our iPhone or iPad itself.

green and orange dot

This is what the green and orange dot you see on your iPhone or iPad means

Today we are going to teach you everything about the green and orange dot of the iPhone. Without a doubt, one of the great novelties that we have seen in this iOS 14.

Today, it is very normal that applications, especially social networks, have access to both our camera and our microphone. What many users do not know is that many of those times the user himself does not realize that an app is having said access. That is why Apple, focusing once again on the privacy of its users, has implemented measures that we are going to explain to you.

So if you are seeing a series of green or orange dots at the top on your iPhone or iPad, don’t worry it’s not broken.

Meaning of the green and orange point that we see on the iPhone or iPad

Everything has its explanation and in this case, you will surely like it and also, it will reassure you that this point is present. Because how many times have we heard that from “Is that Facebook spies on us and listens to everything we say”

To reassure all its users, Apple has taken a really good measure. But yes, this measure is found in iOS 14 onwards. Therefore, this is what those points that we see on the screen mean:

  • Green Point: An app is accessing our camera.
  • Orange dot: An app is accessing our microphone.
green and orange point 1green and orange dot 1

Both points on screen

In this way, if an application is having access to one of these two sections, we will see it reflected on the screen with a point. The color of this point will vary depending on what that app is using at that moment.

So you can reassure yourself that your devices are working correctly, they are just taking care of your privacy.

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