What about: vacuum means (and why is it important)?

What about: vacuum means (and why is it important)?

Your browser is something you use multiple times a day, on a multitude of devices. However, you may come across a quirk or two that deserve further explanation. The “about: blank” page is one example, although there is nothing to worry about.

This article examines what the about: blank page is, what it represents, and if you can use it for your own use!

What is the About: Blank Browser page?

The name of the about: blank page gives you an idea of ​​what this is. This is a literal blank page in your browser. Of course, this is part of every browser, but its unique name has special meaning (including more in a second).

A blank browser page.

In short, your about: blank generates an empty HTML page in your browser. However, “about:” on its own can do much more than that.

What does the about: blank Browser page mean?

about: white is one of the many internal URL schemes that tell you something about the browser. Think of it as a sort of URL for diagnostics.

A list of specific pages about :.A list of specific pages about :.

For example, “about: about” gives you a list of debugging or diagnostic pages, and most people won’t need them on a daily basis.

You may also see an “about: blank” page if you open a JavaScript call (such as a button) in a new tab. They are often meant to open in a different way so that the browser gets confused and serves up a blank page instead.

Usually an about: blank page will stop you in your tracks if you weren’t expecting it. Let’s clear up some misconceptions.

Is the about: blank Browser page a signal for a bigger security issue?

As humans, we love repetition and making sense of things. When you see an about: blank page, it can set off alarm bells, because it’s not something you will encounter – at least not called “about: blank”.

However, let us reassure you:

  • You can’t see the page because you’ve been hacked.
  • about: blank is not a virus.
  • This is not a deeper sign of problems with your computer, browser, or software.

Despite this, you may see an about: blank page if you’ve encountered malware or some other security issue, as it’s common. However, overall it is a blank page and there is nothing to worry about.

Are there any uses for the about: blank Browser page?

Rather than being a hindrance, about: blank pages can be helpful. Since these are just empty HTML pages, they can be inserted in a number of ways.

For example, many people (including this author) use blank pages as their browser’s home page. This reduces your bandwidth when loading the browser and also restarts your session. You can also use an about: blank page if you are working with the JavaScript console.

To set your home page you will need to look in your preferences, although the exact location will depend on the browser you are using.

Setting a blank home page in Firefox.Setting a blank home page in Firefox.

However, to open a new blank page in any browser, just type by the way: empty as URL and press Enter.


Although you can use your browser almost all the time, something like the about: blank page can give you reason to take drastic action. However, the only remedy is to “click on the X” and close the tab (unless you have specifically opened it).

If you are still concerned about safety issues, especially when kids are using the internet, you can check out our list of kid friendly web browsers. Are you more comfortable with what the about: blank page now means? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!


Tom rankin
Tom rankin

Tom Rankin is a premium content writer for WordPress, tech, and small businesses. When not putting his fingers on the keyboard, he can be found taking photos, writing music, playing computer games, and speaking in third person.

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