We will soon see spatial audio on Netflix for AirPods

We will soon see spatial audio on Netflix for AirPods

It is speculated with the arrival sooner rather than later of the already known as spatial audio on Netflix, to be able to enjoy it with the AirPods.

 spatial audio on Netflix

Today we are going to talk about spatial audio and its arrival on Netflix. Great news for AirPods users, since we can listen to all this content with better sound quality.

More and more, we are looking for devices that surprise us or that offer us excellent sound quality. In addition, with the arrival of streaming content, with platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV + … We always look for excellent video quality and above all, that they have a sound that is consistent with that video quality.

Well, one of these platforms is Netflix, which is going to take a leap in quality by offering the spatial audio that we have available on AirPods.

Soon we will see the spatial audio on Netflix

We have this audio already available on platforms such as Apple TV + and Disney +, so Netflix wants to join them.

It must be clear that to enjoy this sound, the content must be recorded as such, so not all series and movies will have this sound. But from what we know so far, sound tests are underway to be able to implement it as soon as possible.

spatial audio on Netflix 1audio space on Netflix 1

With your AirPods Max or AirPods Pro we can enjoy this sound

That said, from APPerlas we do not have knowledge of the moment in which said spatial audio will be launched. But we do know and we have to make it clear, is that only available for iPhones and iPads, these are the only ones that have such technology, which was included in iOS 14 for all AirPods Pro. Indeed, it does not work for all AirPods and It is only in the AirPods Pro and the new AirPods Max.

So we will have to wait to see when we can test this type of sound and when it is available, we will let you all know.


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