We will have 3 audio playback speeds in WhatsApp

We will have 3 audio playback speeds in WhatsApp

Soon a news will come to Whatsapp that many of us wanted for a long time. Being able to reproduce at different speeds any audio that our contacts send us.

What's new in WhatsApp

What’s new in WhatsApp

Competition is good and we can see that, as an example, in Whatsapp. Thanks to his “fight” with TelegramTo be the best messaging app, the green app has been improving by leaps and bounds in recent months.

We remember that thanks to its latest versions we have available the temporary messages, can hide when we listen to an audio, a new tool for free up storage space… improvements that make it a much better app.

Well, soon we will be able to enjoy a novelty that many of us will like.

We can listen to the WhatsApp audios at a faster speed:

In the new Betas of the app, as reported WABetaInfo, you see this new function that not only allows you to accelerate the audio to a speed 2XHow do you do? Telegram, if not that we can accelerate it in 3 different speeds.

Speed ​​to listen to audios in WhatsApp

Speed ​​to listen to audios on WhatsApp (Image: WABetaInfo.com)

We can listen to the audios to 1X, 1.5X Y 2X, at the same moment in which we listen to the file and this we can activate it in a very simple way. When listening to the audio, a light blue button will appear in the profile image that appears in the message. In it we will see the current speed of the audio that, initially, should be of 1X. By clicking on it we will change to 1.5X Y 2X.

As we have said before, this novelty is only available in the new betas. We will be able to test them when it is launched in the public betas or when it comes out for the official version of the app, although it is not known when it will officially arrive. It is rumored that in a few months he will be with us.

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Do you like this novelty? We await your opinions in the comments of this news.



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