We can now use the iOS 14 Safari translation in Spain

iOS 14 could include a translator built into Safari

Manzana has started to activate the iOS 14 Safari translation in more countries than the United States, including Spain.

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Translation in Safari is now available

Before the launch of iOS 14, began to rumored the possibility of Apple developing its own translator, which would also be included natively in Safari. These rumors became reality with the introduction of iOS 14.

We could see how Manzana presented a app native translation for iPhone Y iPad and, in addition, its integration in the browser Safari. But, unfortunately, this last function was only foreseen in certain countries like the USA. So far, it has been expanding to more countries, including Spain.

The iOS Safari translation will be activated in more and more countries

How this new feature works couldn’t be easier. In order to use it we only have to access any web page from our iPhone or iPad and follow a few simple steps.

iOS 14 Safari translation 1

The function in Safari

When we are on the web that we want to translate we have to press «aA» on the left side of the search bar, and then select Translate to English / Spanish / Language we want. The next thing will be to accept that this function is activated and the website will reload with the translation of the language we have chosen.

The languages ​​into which this function allows us to translate Safari They are the ones that we have added to our system. To give us the option to translate into a specific language, we will have to add it from the System Settings.

iOS 14 Safari translation 2

Our website translated with the Safari function

In the Settings we will have to follow the following route: General> Language and region. In Language and region we can add the languages ​​we want. In this way, when using the translation of Safari from iOS 14, will give us the option to choose the language to which we want to translate.

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What do you think of this new function for Safari from iOS 14? We have tested it and we have to say that its translations, in the languages ​​we know, are quite good. It is, of course, a simple way to translate websites without using third-party apps.


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