We can now share Tweets in Instagram Stories

We can now share Tweets in Instagram Stories

The new update of Twitter and Instagram allows us to share the tweets we want in Instagram Stories.

A cross function between Instagram and Twitter arrives

Almost everyone knows that, nowadays, one of the most used functions in social networks is the stories or Stories from Instagram. One example of this is that you just have to access the photographic social network and see all the content that is shared.

But this sample would be at the user level, and another more relevant sample is that more and more apps and websites allow their content to be shared on famous Stories. And, the last social network to join it has been Twitter.

This new Twitter feature had already been announced some time ago

Some time ago it was announced from Twitter that this possibility would arrive, not only for Instagram but also for the Stories of other apps. And, now, finally and thanks to the latest update of Twitter it is already possible.

stories instagram twitter tweets tweets story stoies 2

The new share menu

To share a Tweet on our stories or Stories from Instagram we just have to follow a few simple steps. The first thing will be to open the application Twitter and choose the Tweet that we want to share in our Story.

Once we have it, we have to press the share icon that appears in the lower right corner of the tweets. Doing so will open the share menu and we can see, at the bottom, that it appears stories from Instagram.

stories instagram twitter tweets tweets story stoies 1

Tweet shared in a Story

If we click on this option, it will open, directly, Instagram in the option to share one Story and, in it, we can see the tweet that we have shared. From here we can customize the Story as we would do with any other normal story and we will only have to share it so that it appears in our Instagram Story.

In this simple way we can share our best tweets or the tweets that we like the most about Twitter with our followers of Instagram. What do you think of this new feature?


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