We can now see all the privacy labels of Apple apps

We can now see all the privacy labels of Apple apps

Manzana has published on its website all the privacy labels of all its applications that are available in the App Store.

Apple improves the privacy of its apps

As you may already know, one of the main novelties that came with iOS 14 was the reinforcement of privacy and security in ios. And, one of the how it got better, was adding privacy labels to all apps of App Store.

With these privacy labels you all developers are required to add, we can know what data about us the applications access once we install them. In this way, we have greater control over our data.

Apple has added the privacy labels of all its apps to its websites

These tags are not just for all third-party developer apps. Rather, all apps in the app store must have them, including those from Manzana. All apps from Manzana they already had the privacy labels, but now Manzana you have added all the privacy labels to your website of all your applications.

That this new section we can see, in an alphabetized list, all Apple applications. And, if we click on any of them, it will automatically show us whether to access any of our data and, if it does, which ones.

privacy app store ios 14

Privacy labels in the App Store

Also, if we want, we don’t have to explore all the apps. But we can use the letters that appear at the top to search and find the application of Manzana of which we want to know what data to access.

Although we can already see from the App Store What data do you access? Manzana From its apps thanks to the privacy labels, this new section of its website makes it much easier to know since we can explore, application by application, the data accessed by Apple’s own apps. What do you think of this movement by Manzana?


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