We can now buy Apple’s MagSafe double charger

We can now buy Apple's MagSafe double charger

We bring you all the information about Apple’s MagSafe double charger, which helps us both to charge the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

MagSafe dual charger

You can now buy the MagSafe double charger

Today we are going to talk about MagSafe dual charger. A good solution to remove cables in our nightstand and have everything much more collected.

We recently saw, after the announcement of the iPhone 12, that Apple showed us a kind of charging base. This base was the now called MagSafe double charger, which helps us both to charge the iPhone and the Apple Watch. In this way, we have a single charger, where we load everything.

Well, from today we already have it available and we can get hold of it from the Apple website or in its physical stores.

Apple’s MagSafe dual charger arrives

If we enter the apple website, We see that in the accessories section we already see this charger we are talking about and that also allows us to buy it from now on.

MagSafe 1 dual chargerloader double MagSafe 1

Charger sale price

But debate is coming, and as you can see in the image and on the website itself, the price of it is too high. And we say ‘too’ because we can find other charging bases on the market that will make us the same role and for much less money. But we already know that Appel products have other types of finishes and the quality cannot be doubted.

What we can doubt is that the wall adapter does not come in the box. This means that we are going to buy a charger for € 149, in which the wall adapter does not come, so we will have to make a new outlay. To get this adapter, we have two options:

  • 20w USB-C adapter.
  • 30w USB-C adapter (to be able to charge the iPhone taking advantage of the fast charge).

But having to buy this type of adapter means € 25 for the 20w. But if we go to for the 30w, the amount to pay is € 55.

MagSafe 2 dual chargerMagSafe 2 dual charger

Adapters price

Therefore, we are talking about this charger that Apple offers us for € 149, we must add € 25 to work or € 55 to function at full capacity. So it’s a matter of yourselves judging and giving us your opinion …Is this charger really worth it?

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