We can now activate and use Dark Mode on Facebook

We can now activate and use Dark Mode on Facebook

The Dark Mode on Facebook It is already a reality and we can now activate it to use it in the application both in our iPhone as in our iPad.

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New feature on Facebook

It has been taken for some time that Facebook I would add the Dark mode in your application of iPhone Y iPad. In fact, I can already see the some images how the dark mode would look on our devices Manzana.

That if, although leaks were taking place and images appeared, it seemed that it would never reach our devices. Until now, since Facebook You are making this feature available in your application for users of the app.

Facebook’s Dark Mode is appearing in the app gradually

Activating dark mode on our devices is quite simple. We have to access the Facebook application and press the icon with three stripes at the bottom of the application. Once pressed we have to go to the end and press “Settings and privacy”.

Among the options that will appear, we can see “Dark Mode”. If we press it, the application will give us the option to configure it. The two options are to activate it constantly so that this is the design of the app always or to activate it depending on the system settings. This last way will be activated when the system changes to Dark mode.

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This is how dark mode looks in the app

The ability to activate the Mode Dark in Facebook it is being activated gradually. That is why not all users have to have it at the same time. Therefore, if it does not appear and you want to have it, we recommend you to have the app updated as it will end up appearing.

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We are sure that many of you will appreciate the arrival of this function to Facebook. What do you think that I have already reached the app? Will you activate this function?

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