So are the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE

WatchOS 7 allows us to modify the daily objectives of the watch

The latest beta version of watchOS 7 brings a novelty with which we can customize and modify all the daily objectives.

watchOS 7 arrives today

We already have among us the new Apple Watch, both Series 6 and SE. The launch and sale of them is imminent, specifically on September 18, and, because of this, today the final version of watchOS 7.

But, yesterday, as soon as the Keynote the definitive version of the operating system beta came out, also called Golden Master. And while it seemed like it didn’t include a lot of new features, it turns out that a pretty cool feature has been added.

With watchOS 7 you can change the Standing and Exercise goals

We are talking about the possibility of modifying and personalizing all the daily objectives that the watch assigns us, that is, the rings that we have to close daily and on which it has been basedor, from the beginning, the Apple smartwatch.

Until now, we only had the possibility of customize Movement target. Something completely normal, since not everyone moves the same as the rest. But from now on, we can modify the other two to our liking.

Apple Watch change daily goals rings

The Apple Watch rings

Thus, we can customize the objectives Of Foot and Exercise. A total success since, as with MovementNot everyone is on their feet for the same amount of time or exercising the same time, and it depends a lot on how it is used. Of course, for this customization there are some minimums: Exercise can be lowered up to 10 minutes and Standing up to 6 hours.

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Changing these goals is pretty straightforward. We just have to open the Activity app on our Apple Watch and press on the screen or go to the bottom and select “Change goals”. By doing this, we can modify any of the objectives we want.

Of course this, despite the existence of minimum and maximum limits, is a success. And it is that, everything that is customization in what is the “most personal device” Manzana, it’s welcome.

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