How to install the WatchOS 7 public beta without problem

WatchOS 7.1 can now be downloaded and installed on Apple Watch

Manzana has already launched watchOS 7.1, the first higher version of the new version of the operating system for our Manzana Watch.

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What’s new in watchOS 7.1

We are facing an afternoon of updates to Apple devices. If before we let you know that they were already available to update new versions of iOS and iPadOS 14, ios Y iPadOS 14.2, now we can download and install in our Manzana Watch the version watchOS 7.1.

In this version for Manzana Watch we do not find as many news as in the updates ios Y iPadOS 14.2. But it does have enough news to be considered an important update.

These are all the news in watchOS 7.1:

Like it has made possible iOS 14, watchOS 7.1 It will inform us when the sound level of our headphones is too high. Something that he already does Manzana Watch when we are in excessively noisy environments.

The application ECG of the Electrocardiogram is now available in the Manzana Watch Series 4 in Russia and the Republic of Korea, as well as irregular heart rhythm notifications, which will also be available in those countries from now on.

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We must access the Watch app to update our watch

Additionally, this update fixes some issues present in the Manzana Watch. These are two problems that could be very annoying for users. Specifically, the impossibility of unlocking the Mac with the Manzana Watch and a bug whereby those who display the new Manzana Watch Series 6 went black when lifting the wrist.

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In order to update our Manzana Watch we have to access the Watch application on our iPhone. In it we have to press General and access Software Update, where we will see the new update available.

This will be necessary if we want to update our Watch manually since it is very likely that you have automatic updates configured while the Watch. What do you think of this update to the Apple Watch?

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