Walk in high heels in this fun iPhone game

Walk in high heels in this fun iPhone game

We bring you one of the most addictive games of the moment. High Heels! It is the typical simple game that you get hooked on and cannot stop playing. Walking in high heels has never been so much fun.

Walk in high heels at High Heels!

Walk in high heels in High Heels!

If you seek games for iPhone and iPad With which to combat the moments of boredom and hope that we all suffer in our day to day, you are in luck. We are talking about the game of the moment, the most downloaded in the world today.

There are many games, but there are few that hook the user. High Heels! It is one of those that you start playing to try it and you end up 100% trapped. We say it that when testing it to perform this review, we have not been able to stop playing from the moment we opened it.

The more you grow your high heels, the better:

In the following image we see how the game interface is:

Interface of this high heels game

Interface of this high heels game

Our goal is to make the heels as high as possible so that we can reach the goal and be able to climb the more steps the better. The last one, which is very difficult to climb, allows us to walk through a kind of fashion catwalk, which is where they will give the maximum score.

The controls are, as in all these types of games, very simple. We simply have to slide our finger from left to right to guide our character through each of the phases.

High Heels! controls for iOS

High Heels controls! for iOS

We have to be careful and when we get to an area where some heights of the heels we wear will be removed, try to make these the least possible. When subtracting height, keep in mind that we will not be able to reach the top of the goal, where they will give us the maximum score.

Without a doubt, a very fun, addictive and simple game to play that we recommend you download.

Download High Heels!

We hope you have liked the app and that you share it with all those people who may be interested.



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