Voice memos reach Twitter in the form of voice tweets

Voice memos reach Twitter in the form of voice tweets

Twitter has released a function, the voice tweets, which allows you to send tweets by recording a voice memo and send it to appear in the Timeline.

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Interesting feature reaches Twitter

The most famous microblogging social network, Twitter, does not stop adding news. Very recently, he presented his own Stories called Fleetsas well as the possibility of react to private messages and later power schedule tweets from your own platform.

And now another novelty has arrived at Twitter. This novelty was announced in 2018, but until now it has not been definitively implemented. We are talking about the possibility of sending voice or audio tweets instead of the tweets we are used to.

Twitter voice tweets will gradually appear for all iOS users

As it sounds. Once the new function is fully operational we will be able to see and reproduce audio tweets. And, in the same way that we can see them, if we want, we can share them with our followers ourselves.

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Voice recording for a tweet

To use audio tweets, just follow the same steps as to publish a normal tweet. But, from now on, a new icon will appear next to the photo camera icon. When pressing it, a new screen will open and we will only have to press the record icon.

We can record audios of up to 140 seconds to share them with our followers. And we will not have to make use of these voice notes alone, but we can combine it with a text tweet, as well as add images or videos, as we did until now.

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Feature announcement in 2018

This new feature will gradually appear for all Twitter users on iOS. A novelty that, we are sure, as with all Twitter accounts, will receive both positive and negative reviews. What do you think? Will you use this new function of Twitter?

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