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Video calls on Telegram are already a reality

Video calls on Telegram they will be a reality very soon since the function is already present in the last beta of the app instant messaging.

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A highly desired function comes to Telegram

Telegram aspires, in the long term, to take away the throne of WhatsApp. This depends rather on the users, but if it depended only on them, it is likely that it would have already been achieved since it has many more functions and features than WhatsApp.

But until now, Telegram lacked one that WhatsApp had for quite some time. We talk about video calls. For some reason, in Telegram, only voice calls between users were allowed. But that is about to change.

Although video calls on Telegram are in beta, they will likely reach everyone shortly

As entered in the last beta of the application, the function of video calls is already integrated in the application. And, although it is in phase beta, it is already testable and it is very possible that it will reach all users in a short time.

All those who want to try this function now can do so. For this you have to install the developer profile of Telegram through Testflight, the application of Manzana to test the beta phases of the applications.

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The contact menu with activated video calls

With the Telegram beta app installed on our device, we have to open it and press the wheel of the Adjustments a total of 10 times. Doing so will open the test menu in the app and, in it, we will have to press «Experimental features«. In this way, video calls will be enabled and, provided that some contact also has the beta phase, we can test the function.

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We don’t know the reason why Telegram It has taken so long to include video calls in your app. But what we do know is that this is a very good move, even more having seen the amount of video calls and teleconferences that have been made during confinement. What do you think of this novelty? Will you use video calls in Telegram?

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