Using WhatsApp on more than one device is getting closer

Using WhatsApp on more than one device is getting closer

Use WhatsApp on more than one device at a time it could be closer and closer as the function would be in development right now.

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Using WhatsApp on more than one device is very close

It has been a long time since the possibility that WhatsApp allows you to use the same account on more than one device. A very useful function that, as much as it is expected, does not finish arriving. But that could change since this function would be currently under development.

As it has been possible to know through different leaks, WhatsApp you are already developing and testing this feature. It would allow the same WhatsApp account to be used on up to four different devices.

The option to use WhatsApp on more than one device is already in development

Currently, it is only possible to use WhatsApp on a single device, without taking into account the web version of the app that allows us to connect from a browser. But, when this function came, we could log in to the four devices that we wanted.

Despite this, from the looks of it, the system will be the same as the current one. That is, one device would be the primary and the rest will be secondary. Therefore, the main device should always be connected so that WhatsApp it will work on the other devices. Just like now with WhatsApp Web.

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The operation of this new function

Of course the implementation of this function can be very useful despite the subsistence of the current system. And while it would be better if the rest of the devices did not have to depend on a main device, we will have to wait to see what its actual operation is, and in any case, it will be a very well received function.

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And you, do you want to be able to use this function that is already available in other instant messaging apps in WhatsApp? Do you think that WhatsApp Are you lagging behind when it comes to features and what’s new compared to your competitors?

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