Using Shazam will be much easier thanks to iOS 14.6

Using Shazam will be much easier thanks to iOS 14.6

With the arrival of iOS 14.6, use Shazam in our iPhone or iPad It will be much simpler and more intuitive without having to install the app.

Musical recognition in the Control Center

It has been a while since Manzana bought the music recognition app Shazam. Little by little, it has been acquiring tints of Manzana and it has been integrated to a greater or lesser extent in the operating systems of the iPhone, iPad Y Manzana Watch.

While anyone can install the app and enjoy the full experience, Manzana offers us a simple way to make use of music recognition. It would be enough to open the Control Center and, in it, click on the icon of Shazam. In this way, our iPhone I would recognize the song immediately.

iOS 14.6 will turn Shazam’s music recognition built into the Control Center into a Clip App

But, although this option is totally valid, it does not offer the same experience as the full app. That is why since Manzana They are going to take advantage of one of their novelties launched with iOS 14 to do what Shazam and musical recognition has more value in iOS and iPadOS no need to install it.

It will do so by making use of the Clips Apps. These Clips Apps they were one of the first rumors that came from iOS 14 and, once presented, we could see its potential since they allowed us to run parts of applications without having to install them.

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The new Shazam Clip App

This is what will happen from iOS 14.6 with the musical recognition of Shazam from the Control Center. If when using it now only a notification appears that shows us the result, thanks to iOS 14.6 it will be much more visual.

Once the update arrives, shazamear from the Control Center we can see not only the title of the song as before. But we can also see the cover of the song or the album to which it belongs, the album in which we can find it and the artist, as well as being able to reproduce a fragment and share it if we want.

What do you think of this new way of shazamear what is going to arrive? It seems great to us since this way all users will have access to the Shazam experience without having to install the app.


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