Using iPhone before sleep affects sleep even if you use Night Shift

Using iPhone before sleep affects sleep even if you use Night Shift

We tell you the results of a study carried out in which it is shown that, although we have activated the function IPhone Night Shift, using the mobile before sleeping affects sleep in the same way.

Night Shift mode

A recent study has investigated how using the mobile makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Before this, it was believed that navigating with the phone interrupted sleep due to the blue light emitted by the device, which interrupted melatonin secretion and sleep cycles. That is why Apple launched The Mode Night shift But, according to the study that we show you below, this function does not improve the quality of sleep.

A new Brigham Young University (BYU) study, published in the magazine Sleep health, has questioned the premise of Apple that states that you sleep better if you activate the mode Night shift. Researchers have surprisingly shown that the function Night shift it does not improve the quality of sleep.

Activating the Night Shift function of the iPhone does not help you sleep better:

Since the blue light emitted by phones was believed to disrupt melatonin secretion and sleep cycles, Apple introduced the feature called Night shift in 2016.

This function adjusts the colors on the screen to warmer tones after sunset to reduce the emission of blue light that stresses the eyes. It was a before and after since after Apple there were many mobile phone manufacturers, if not all, that included some kind of night mode function to help users sleep better.

To prove this, the research compared people’s sleep outcomes in three categories:

  • Those who used their phone at night with the Night Shift function activated.
  • People who used their phone at night without Night Shift.
  • Those who did not use the mobile before bed at all.

The study included 167 adults between the ages of 18 and 24 who used mobile phones on a daily basis. They were asked to spend at least eight hours in bed and an accelerometer was placed on their wrist to record their sleep activity.

Results of the investigation:

People who did not use a phone before bed experienced superior sleep quality compared to those who used it with or without it. Night shift activated. This group slept seven hours, which is closer to the recommended eight to nine hours per night, and a slight difference in sleep quality was seen.

Within the group that used the mobile before sleeping, people slept six hours and there were no differences in sleep outcomes based on whether participants used Night shift or not.

The researchers state that Night shift may darken your screen, but Night shift It alone will not help you fall asleep or improve the quality of your sleep.

Who knows if the solution to improve your quality of sleep is not Shift Night and if it is to put the screen of the iPhone black and white?

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