Using Apple Pay from the iPhone when I wear a mask makes me stop using it

Using Apple Pay from the iPhone when I wear a mask makes me stop using it

Manzana Pay is a payment system contactless which is available for the set of devices Manzana. Its objective is that users do not have to have their credit or debit cards at hand when making payments both online and in traditional businesses. At the moment, Manzana Pay is available to be connected to most banking establishments, including Visa, MasterCard Y American Express.

Apple Pay

Manzana PayAs of today, it does not work in an agile way on your mobile phone if you are wearing the mask. If you want to use it, you will have to enter the unlock code of your iPhone… Or not to use it. It is true that Manzana added in one of its updates, the ability to unlock our mobile device with the Manzana Watch, but if you use that payment service from the iPhone, to unlock the device and access some apps is fine but to make payments with Apple Pay….

Manzana Pay it’s a great service from Manzana. Always having credit cards close at hand is wonderful. The uncomfortable thing is having to enter the code every time you want to use it. There are many people who no longer use this service in order not to have to enter the number of the unlocking.

Using Apple Pay on the iPhone and having mask unlocking activated … is exasperating:

Manzana, with its update of iOS 14.5, introduced power option unlock the mobile with the Watch. The idea is not bad and it works very well but if you activate it, when using Wallet from the iPhone, asks you for an extra unlocking that can be very cumbersome. You have to enter the unlock code whether you want it or not.

I, to be honest, used it less than a month. When using Apple Pay from the iPhone and having the mask unlock function active, thanks to the watch, having to enter the code every time I wanted to pay seemed very uncomfortable. To solve it, I could register Apple Pay in the Watch and use it from the watch, but the thing is that it does not give me much security. I don’t know why but take them in the iPhone Yes. It may be the size … I don’t know.

I am seriously considering using Apple Pay only on the watch … do you recommend it to me? I would be 100% interested in your opinions.


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