Using AirTags to spy would get anyone who does it in trouble

Using AirTags to spy would get anyone who does it in trouble

Whoever plans to buy Airtag to spy and locate people, you are going the wrong way. We explain how the anti-harassment measures that it has implemented work Manzana, in this small device, to avoid such uses.

Don’t use AirTags to spy

If we think about the uses that can be given to Airtags I’m sure one of the first things that crossed your mind was locating people. I was the first thing I thought about and the truth that put me against the launch of this little locator device. But after reading the anti-harassment measures designed for its use, I am calmer.

Apple claims that AirTags They are intended to be used with objects. Keys, wallets, backpacks, bikes, motorcycles, cars … the number of places to deposit them in order to always have them located is immense. But there is always the person who wants to use them illegally, depositing it in the backpack, purse, car … of someone they want to spy on.

Well, then we explain what Manzana has developed to avoid using them for that purpose.

Whoever uses AirTags to spy and locate people would soon find themselves in trouble:

If you choose to cross the privacy line that we comment on and use the AirTag to spy, the iPhone the user in question would alert you with a notification that there is a AirTag moving with him. That if, as long as it is far from the Apple ID to which it is associated or does not belong to a user who is in the immediate vicinity.

This prevents you, for example, from going on public transport and if someone carries a AirTag near you, no notification will appear since its owner is close to it.

For those users who have devices Android, or do not own a smartphone, Apple has also thought about these circumstances and if a AirTag It is away from its owner for a while, it will begin to emit a sound notifying its presence. People who have a mobile Android can scan it to find its owner thanks to the NFC.

If the person does not want to do it, they can always disassemble it by removing the cover and the battery inside. But that if, it will be useless.

The person spied on can always take the device to the police and that, through their device serial number, obtain from Manzana the name, email and other personal information of the owner who activated the AirTag.

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