Use the iPhone and Apple Watch as anti-bullying tools

Use the iPhone and Apple Watch as anti-bullying tools

We are going to teach you use different Apple devices to fight bullying. If you are a person who is suffering, we are going to give you a few tips to be able to fight against that scourge.

Use your iPhone and Apple Watch against harassment

Bullying is another “pandemic” in society that is spreading rapidly due to new technologies. This is so and it must be recognized. That is why we bring you one of our tutorials for iPhone with whom we are going to help you fight this situation, if you are suffering from it.

You have to have a lot of courage to face bullying, but you have to do it to get out of it. That is why in society there are numerous tools to deal with it. Calls to 016 For victims of abuse, call 900 018 018 in case of bullying, to the Police 091, to the Civil Guard 062…. We do our bit to combat this scourge, with 5 tips that will help you collect evidence.

Against bullying use the iPhone and Apple Watch as tools to combat it:

Thanks to these two devices Manzana we can make use of them to report, provide evidence, make recordings … without leaving any trace. Next we are going to talk about 5 tips that will surely come from pearls to help you get out of this situation.

Delete numbers from recent call log on iPhone:

In case you choose to report the facts or make them known to the Civil Guard, Policeman, to the 016… It is always good that after the call, you make the number disappear from your recent call log iPhone. That way you won’t leave a trace. There are stalkers who can even check recent calls from your mobile. So that you do not leave a trace of them in the following article we will teach you how to clear iPhone call log.

Record phone calls with iPhone:

There are many applications that allow you to record calls, but we do not recommend them because those calls must go through a third-party server to be recorded, etc … and it is something that for privacy reasons we do not recommend it.

The best way to do it is as we explain in the following video. It is true that you must have a Apple watch, but there is no other way to do it unless you record it with another mobile or external recorder. We hope it helps you to combat the scourge of harassment.

Secretly record conversations and save them on your iPhone:

Conversations can be recorded directly on the iPhone using the app Voice notes, but it is a way of doing it that can give you away if the other person notices that you have the iPhone in sight or in some not very “normal” position. That is why if you have a Apple watch We encourage you to do it from the clock. Nothing is noticeable and you can always have the record button handy if you add it to any complication in any of your spheres. See how it’s done:

Save WhatsApp conversations and audios to fight harassment:

Unfortunately WhatsApp It is one of the messaging applications where more cyberbullying occurs. Many bullies use it to intimidate people. If you are one of the people who suffers this type of harassment, we will teach you, in the following video, how to keep the audios of the harasser in a safe place, to use them when you decide to act against him.

If the bullying occurs in writing, you can always keep the conversation safe. For this, in the following article we explain how to export WhatsApp conversations.

What’s more WhatsApp provides other types of tools such as report, the blocking of users who can help us against any harasser.

Block phone numbers on iPhone:

Another tool that we encourage you to use is to block numbers on your iPhone. In this way you will prevent them from being able to contact you, any person you do not want. In the following article we explain how to block phone numbers on iPhone.

We give you the possibility that if you know another way to use Apple devices to fight harassment, do not hesitate and share it in the comments of this article. We and the people who can benefit from your contribution would be very grateful to you.

Without further ado and hoping to have helped many people with this article, we hope you share it with those who need or are interested and nothing else, soon more and better on this website that is designed to get the most out of your devices. Manzana.



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