Twitter will inform us of hoaxes when we like

How to protect the tweets you post on this social network

The social network Twitter is going to add a function in which it will notify us that the tweet we are going to give I like it’s a hoax.

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A feature arrives on Twitter

Some time ago, and taking into account both Covid-19 and the US elections, Twitter modified the way we retweeted. So when we decided to retweet, Twitter encouraged us to voluntarily make a comment or quote to the tweet instead of just retweeting it.

With this, from Twitter they sought to make users think something else before directly sharing the tweet, with the intention of stopping misinformation and hoaxes. And, similar to what happened with retweets, Twitter is going to make changes to the likes.

This Twitter function is designed to stop hoaxes and false news that travel the social network

I Like, as many of you know, is another of the functions of Twitter in addition to the retweets. It is a way of interacting with tweets that is not as flashy as retweets but that continues to make the tweet that has been liked to appear as recommended in the Home of the people who follow us.

That is why, from now on and because the «limitation»Of the retweets had a sufficient impact to reduce misinformation by 29% during elections USA, a notice will appear every time we like a tweet that contains hoaxes, false information or misinformation.

twitter report hoax false news I like

A Twitter tweet informing about the function

The notice in question will appear when we give I like to the tweet. It will inform us that what is mentioned in the tweet is a disputed issue and will encourage us not to give I Like for what Twitter be a reliable source of information. It will also allow the tweet to be cited and, if even knowing that the information is false, you want to continue sharing the tweet, Twitter it will not prevent it.

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This is undoubtedly a great function to prevent hoaxes and false news that can be found largely in the app spread easily.


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