Twitter will allow you to share your tweets in the Stories of other networks

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Twitter you are testing a new feature on your app By which you can share, natively, tweets in the stories of other social networks.

A new social feature comes to Twitter

Social media is making more and more changes in the way we use it. Most of these changes are advancements in integration or features, although this is not always the case as has happened recently with Instagram.

One of the social networks you are doing changes constantly is Twitter. Recently, the Fleets, their own Stories. And now we know that Twitter is testing the possibility of sharing its tweets directly from the app in the Stories of other social networks.

This new feature is being tested among some Twitter users

This has been announced by the account of the social network in Twitter making it known that it has allied, mainly with Snapchat to easily share your tweets. But not only with Snapchat, but has also started this test with Instagram.

Once the function is enabled, it will be really easy to share tweets in the stories of both social networks. To do this, you only have to click on Share in the tweet that we want to appear in our Stories from Snapchat or Instagram and choose at the bottom Share on Snapchat or Share on Instagram.

share tweets on Instagram Snapchat 1

The operation of the function is really simple

In this simple way, the tweet we have chosen will be “exported” to the social network we have chosen and we can share it with our followers or friends, personalizing it just as we would with any Story in Instagram or Snapchat.

At the moment this is a function in Test phase what will be available only for some users. To know if it will finally stay permanently and will be extended to all users, we will have to wait and see what reception and reaction it has among users of Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.


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