Voice memos reach Twitter in the form of voice tweets

Twitter will allow you to change the icon of the iPhone and iPad app

Twitter is considering letting users customize the application icon in both our iPhone how iPad.

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Interesting feature that could reach Twitter

One of the functions you added iOS What went a little bit unnoticed was the possibility of changing the icons of the applications on the home screen. While it is true that some apps They allow you to do it, most of them don’t.

But now, it is possible that a well-known app of said option to change its icon. We talk about Twitter, the social network of microblogging which, according to the latest news, would be considering allowing users to choose an icon that they want for the home screen.

The possibility of changing the icon of an app is one of the least known functions of iOS and iPadOS

All this is derived from a survey that the social network is conducting to those who are part of the program Insiders of the app. This Insiders program gives the possibility of answering surveys, discussion forums and others. And, in this case, they have received a survey regarding the icon of the app.

Twitter He has presented a total of 4 different designs in the survey to the members of the program. And the members who have had access to the survey have had to choose which of them they like best. This, probably, to choose which of the different icons could be the definitive one.

twitter change app application icontwitter change app application icon

Some of the icons that Twitter is shuffling

But not only that, but also Twitter has complemented the icons with novelty when opening the app. And it is that, contrary to what happens now, with this novelty the app of Twitter it would open with an animation. That animation could be related to the icon we chose to represent the app and thus maintain the personalization touch.

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At the moment it is early to know if both the choice of the app icon and the new opening animation is here to stay or not. But what we are sure of is that more apps should opt for the possibility of changing the application icon.

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