Twitter will add subscription options in your application

How to deactivate a Twitter account forever

Twitter will add to its application the possibility of subscribing to certain users by making a monthly payment to them.

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A new feature is coming to Twitter

More and more only services and applications offer their users subscriptions. These subscriptions allow you to obtain services and products in exchange for a payment that, usually, is monthly or annually. And one of the most used social networks is going to add subscriptions.

It is the microblogging social network that many of you know and probably use: Twitter. This has been announced making it totally official. And it is that, from now on, Twitter will give us the option to subscribe on a monthly basis.

This Twitter subscription will be called Super Follower or Super Follow

But this subscription that Twitter is going to add is not to use the service. Instead, it is a monthly subscription to follow certain users. And to this new «service»Have decided to call you«Super Follow»Or be«Super Follower«.

Thus Twitter will allow content creators and accounts who deem it to be able to activate this functionality and give the possibility to users of the social network to subscribe to their profiles for a price of $ 4.99.

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Privacy on Twitter

This is something that already happens on many other platforms and social networks. In them, someone who has decided to pay to follow or subscribe to a content creator obtains advantages that those who are not subscribed do not obtain.

And this is also what will happen with the Super Follow in Twitter Thus, whoever makes use of it, may offer exclusive content and access to other content that normal followers will not be able to access, thus giving value and meaning to this subscription.

We believe that it is still too early to know if this strategy of Twitter it will work. But we are sure that if Twitter You have decided to add it because you think it will work. What do you think about it? Would you become Super Follower from a content creator?


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