Twitter tests an easier way to find quote tweets

Twitter tests an easier way to find quote tweets

Twitter is testing a new option that shows you whenever a message has been retweeted with a comment, the company has confirmed The edge. In screenshot posted by users with the feature enabled, a new “Retweet with comments” counter can be seen next to the existing “Likes” and “Retweets” numbers. Twitter said it is currently testing the functionality with a small group of iOS Twitter users.

The feature won’t show you anything that you can’t currently find using the service’s search function, it makes it much easier. This is important when some Twitter users use quote tweets to respond to a tweet, rather than using the service’s built-in response functionality to organize tweets neatly into conversation threads. Currently, if you want to find quote tweets, you must paste the tweet URL into the service search field.

It should be noted that Twitter has experienced a few user interface changes in the past year, but very few of them have actually become full-fledged features. There was its wording “original tweeter” which was intended to highlight who had started a particular conversation thread, an alarm snooze function for notifications and an option to get notifications for responses to an individual tweet. It is quite possible that “Retweet with comments” can join them.


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