Twitter plans to add a “timeline” for best friends

Twitter plans to add a "timeline" for best friends

So it seems from Twitter they would be working on an alternate timeline just for best friends and people we know more about.

Future news from Twitter

Many of you have probably used the function of Best Friends of Stories from Instagram. This function allows us to upload what we want to our story, but for only people who have previously been placed on the list of best friends to see it.

A very interesting function that allows us to sift through who sees what we upload to Instagram Stories. And it is so interesting that, as has happened with other star functions of Instagram, it seems that Twitter plan to add something similar.

In this new timeline, our tweets only appear to those who are in Trusted Friends

From what it seems they are working on a very similar function called “Trusted Friends”, something like Trusted friends. But, although the name is different, it will have a function quite similar to that of Instagram Best Friends.

This function would allow us to create a group of Trusted Friends from the people who follow us on Twitter. Once this group is created, we could modify them and add and remove people depending on whether we want them to be there or not.

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How this timeline works

And, having the group of Trusted Friends configured, when publishing a tweet we would see a difference at the top. From that moment on, the app would let us choose if we want to share our tweet with all our followers or only with those who are included in that group.

In addition, it seems that the app would first show the Tweets of the people who have us within the group of Trusted Friends. With this new timeline or chronology of Twitter we cannot avoid thinking about the Fleets of the social network. And it is that, they are not more than Instagram Stories but integrated into Twitter and designed for that social network.

Although, realistically, there is not much problem with social networks taking advantage of the star functions of others, right? What do you think of this new function that you are working on since Twitter?


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