Twitter is going to remove Fleets from its application permanently

Twitter is going to remove Fleets from its application permanently

Twitter has announced through a statement that it is going to remove from its application and definitively Fleets.

It’s time to say goodbye to the fleets

Some time ago, Twitter announced that a function would come to its application which, for many users of social networks, was more than known. We talk about the fleets or, what is the same, the own Stories or Stories of the social network of microblogging.

The operation of these Stories from Twitter It was quite similar to the one we already knew from other networks such as Instagram. In them we could share, for example, photos, and they would appear to our followers at the top of the application if they clicked on our photo.

The Fleets will disappear from Twitter on August 3 of this year

But, from the looks of it, the Fleets have not had in Twitter the same popularity that if they have the Stories or stories from Instagram. This is what emerges from a statement made by Twitter in which they even announce that Fleets they will disappear completely from the application.

As indicated, it seems that this “new” functionality was not being used by as many people as it should. And that is why they have decided to remove the function to be able to focus on other functions than the users of Twitter if they use.

stories twitter stories fleets 1

This is how the Fleets were displayed in the app

The date on which the Fleets It has also been unveiled and it won’t be for long. Specifically, the Fleets will permanently disappear from the Twitter application this August 3 (2021).

The truth is that we are not too surprised that people are not using so much the Fleets like the Stories from Instagram. And it is that, the public that makes use of both applications does not have much to do, so it is understood that something like Stories may not fit many users of the app.

In any case, it is always a negative thing that a function disappears from an app or social network. But, we hope, that it is at least to improve the rest of the application.


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